About Us

Lower Township Rescue Squad (L.T.R.S.) has been serving the emergency medical needs of Lower Township, Cape May County, NJ, for over 50 years.  From car crashes, cardiac arrests, headaches, bellyaches, airplane crashes and drownings, we have, and had, some of the best response times around, with the best-trained personnel. Whenever, and where ever the residents needed us we are there ( even in dunk tanks to raise money for the youth groups ).

Speaking of training, due to our commitment to continuing education to improve our services, we were one of the first emergency ambulance providers in the State of New Jersey to equip all of our ambulances with AEDs and have all of our Emergency Medical Technicians certified; have all of our vehicle operators trained in emergency vehicle defensive driving; and have our personnel trained as E.M.T.s.  We offer Continuing Education Classes to all N.J. E.M.T.s, in association with the Cape May County E.M.T. Program.

In the past few years ( after seeing insurance reimbursement and Township funds either staying the same or decreasing, while operating costs have gone up ), we expanded our operations to now offer non-emergency medical transports to the residents of Lower Township, and the rest of Cape May County, so that we may continue our emergency operations for the residents.  As we are a non-profit corporation, we are able to offer rates that are usually well below what other transport companies offer.  Whether you just need some assistance, are wheelchair or bed bound, we can transport you almost anywhere you need to go.  Home from the hospital, to the doctors, a transfer to another facility, or just to see your family, we can help you.

If you would like more information, please call
LT. Anthony Kapurelos at (609) 889-5142.